Friday, May 14, 2010

Friday Fumblings, Vol. 4 - Rainy Weather OUT. Feel UNDER Weather. Definitely OVER Both.

Whine, complain, whine, complain...  Pick a preposition, it's all the same.

Just a few thingportants today and then I'm back to resting on the couch with some tea:

1. My entire body hurts.  Throat, head, bones, tummy, eyes, blech.  Perfect timing -- Colfax Marathon Relay in TWO days.

Here's me yesterday...feeling fine...

And today...  Ugh.

2.  AH!  Colfax Marathon Relay in TWO days!

3. Have run TWICE in past TWO weeks.

4. I have to run almost FOUR miles.

5. Have only run TWO recently.

6. Am determined to push through for the sake of my friend and relay team member Jill, who has been busting her patoot to run in her first ever race.  Will not let her down!

7. Had a wonderful breakfast meeting with my Pedagogy professor this morning.

8. It's hailing and raining and thundering and pouring.

9. Tucker is shaking and drooling and hiding, NOT snoring (because he refuses to eat the lunch meat spiked with tranquilizer treat I made for him!).

Attempting to move everything in my closet out of the way so he could hide in the corner...

The picture doesn't do it justice -- he's actually panting and shaking and drooling all over.  Ew.

He thought maybe THIS closet would be better...  (YES, I label everything.  No judging!)

It might look like a doggy smile, but he's really in agony.  Poor guy!   Seattle would be like suicide for him...

10. Headed to hide on the couch, myself.


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