Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Graduation Day

During our stint as students at Life's Wondrous University (LWU), we're bound to fall into a semester or two of downright really tough times.

The LWU Unwritten Student Handbook clearly states that, "Each pupil has the right to deal with difficult situations on their own terms, in various ways."  (Well, in America, "Land of the Free," anyway!)

Some choose to write in a journal or organize a pow-wow with friends.  Others take a walk, drink, eat or sleep. Countless strategies have been developed and utilized by LWU alumni in order to get back on track.

Life's alluring draw is that it boasts an infinite number of opportunities for graduation days.  Landed a promotion at work?  Diploma!  Had your first child?  Diploma!  Made a life-changing mistake, but made sacrifices and worked hard make things better?  Diploma!

The better part of this past year has been pretty rough for me.  Let's just say that I've put myself on academic probation...  Details of my difficult semesters do not matter at this juncture.  What matters is that I've been routinely working with an LWU school counselor.  And the hard work has paid off.

I'm proud to admit that today I celebrate yet another graduation day.

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