Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Friday Fumblings, Vol. 3 - Tardy Tumblings

Hi.  I'm tardy with my posts, but for good reason.  Traveled to Chicago and back to attend my first Bar Mitzvah!  A whirlwind, indeed, as my Chicago trips always are.  More on said Bar Mitzvah in a future post.  For now, it's time to TUMBLE!

Speaking of tumbles...

1. I should address my first Sunday Tumble Caption Contest.


Jeremy! (He's not a blogger, but he enjoys a good fall as much as the rest of 'em!)
With this doozie:
 "On a first date some women like chocolates, some like flowers, but not us. 
We enjoy the good old-fashioned concussion!" 
Sorry Jeremy, no job for me means no prize for you, but hopefully I'll be able to offer prizes soon!  Until then, will you accept this?
Thanks to all who participated!  Stay tuned for the next Sunday Tumble Caption Contest - will post another photo this coming Sunday.

 2. Finally got to meet good friend Gretchen's baby, Max!  More on him in the future (there's so many wonderful things to say...he deserves his own post!) 

Here he is with lovely Chicago friend, Michelle:

Here, he fell asleep while Gretchen was holding him...
nope, he's not eating a snack, he he!
Sooooo fun cuddling with friends, new and old! 
(Old friend, not person, he he)

 3. Here's some other random happenings from my Chicago trip, in no particular order:

                                                    Logan and Mark, in Millennium Park                  
That's me, in the Bean
                            Eli and Mark at the "Gyro Wheel" table at the retro-themed Bar Mitzvah reception

Me with the Bar Mitzvah, Logan, at brunch at Tavern on Rush
Yep...The Bean
 Me, in a cab on Michigan Ave.
4. I am proud to admit that I taught my young friend Caroline to plan her time using color coding and an "unschedule."  Had no idea she'd really take it and run with it, but look!  Wowzers...

 More on the Bar Mitzvah later this week.  Hope everyone had a wonderful weekend!

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