Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Michelle....Chicago....Rhythm on Randolph -- A Most Fabulous Trifecta

Oh, My Michelle!

Nope, she's not actually "mine." I'm not that selfish...  It's just that there are a lot of Michelle's out there in the world, so I like to lovingly refer to her as "My Michelle."  Much better than "Michelle, my bell."  Right?

Well, she's wonderful.  Smart.  Stunning (seriously!).  Thoughtful.  Efficient.  Sweet, savvy, saucy, sneaky, and silly.  A loyal friend.  A most fabulous person!

Why write such a glowing homage today?  You guessed's her birthday.  Of course I feel this way about her everyday.  Today it just seemed fitting to share this with others in honor of my friend. 

In an attempt to keep most of the special nuances of our friendship private (which I respect because Michelle truly values intimacy between friends), I'd like to focus on one (believe me, there's MANY!) of her major life accomplishments that is very dear to my heart.


I hope that those who are lucky enough to know her had a chance to experience Rhythm.  If the opportunity unfortunately passed you by, in a nutshell, Rhythm was a bar that Michelle and her partners Rob and Doug opened on Randolph Street in Chicago's West Loop.  Please take a moment to read all about it here.  And hereHere.  And  Oh wait...there's some pretty good reviews here!

I know, I know.  Overkill.  I just want you to get the full effect, you know?

Anyway, let's say you've never participated in a drum circle before (gasp!).  I once tried to capture the feeling in words, so maybe this will help: (I gave this to Michelle when I heard that Rhythm was closing)


rap rap rap TAP slap TAP slap slap
rap rap rap TAP slap TAP slap rap!
we clap our hands and stamp our feet
at our favorite place to meet on Randolph Street

long steady beat
we feel the heat of
our throbbing hands as we
SLAM jam jam SLAM
SLAM jam jam SLAM!

ALIVE comes the pit!
our souls commit
in the circle we dance, prance, groove, move, shake, quake, quiver, quaver,
romp, stomp, gyrate, gravitate, twirl, whirl, swirl, reel FEEL.
It's personal.

Your way
my way
his way
her way
their way
our way

easy, soft, gentle, hush,
shh, shh, shush, shush,
easy, soft, gentle, hush,
shh, shh, shush.
hold it- hold it- hold it- hold it
low low low low
slow slow slow slow
sssss llll oooooo wwwwwww
long soft song.....


And now for the Rhythm photo montage... 
**Photos are courtesy and property of Aaron Frey and Chrissy Richter**
(Rob, I apologize...I can't find ANY pics of you!  And not for lack of trying.  Ugh.)

Michelle, wherever your future journey takes you, always know that your past is a true testament to you as a person.  No one can ever take that away.

 Happy Birthday, Lovie.


Michelle said...

I cannot say enough about how touched I am. I am so lucky to have you as my friend, it amazes me that we have years under our belt now. I love you to pieces.

What Would a Nerd Wear said...

looks like a fun night!

Bug said...

Looks like a great time. Happy Birthday to your friend! My mom's name is Michele. Have a great day :)

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