Friday, April 23, 2010

Friday Fumblings, Vol. 1 - The Dawn of "Thingportant" Dumping

By the end of each week, my brain is usually brimming with bits and pieces of snazzy blog ideas, detailed first-hand encounters, and a few not-very-exciting thingportants.

(Importings?  Nope.  Don't like the sound of that.)

They are simply not very exciting, yet important, things.

They are officially my "Thingportants."
I thought I'd dedicate Fridays to posting a list of said ideas, encounters and thingportants, in an attempt to clear my head.  Also, I'm going to use Friday Fumblings as an exercise in "letting go."  If a blog idea doesn't come to fruition, so be it.  If my spelling and grammar stink, so be it.  If it doesn't make sense to my readers, so be it.  And so on.

Might sound simple to some, but to me, letting go (of anything!) is not an easy feat.  So bear with me, k?

...And let the brain dumping begin!


 1. Our big huge pansy of a dog, Tucker

Both Mark and I are at our wit's end with good 'ole Tuxter.  Tuckie.  Buddy.  Bud Bud.  Tuck Tuck.  Yuck, yuck!  Over the past week he has:  Chewed up my camel colored sexy heels.  Drooled on anything and everything in our house, including our floors, carpets, couches, everything in our closets, on Mark's sleeping bag, etc.  He's woken us up in the middle of the night about 4 out of the 7 days this week.  He threw up on the leather couch that we JUST had fixed because he ate a hole in it.  And he attacked a dog at the dog park.  I'm forgetting some incidents, I'm sure, but it's been really exhausting.  He's such an anxious boy, and when I'm anxious, he's even worse.  Which has been a lot lately.  And the rain and thunder has NOT helped his case one bit.  Ugh.

2. My battle with the vacuum cleaner
It attacked me in the middle of the night a few nights ago.  Well...actually, I left it in the middle of the floor in our bedroom so I would remember to actually USE it the next day.  Anyway, I got up at 3 a.m. to use the bathroom, fumbled around in the dark and ran smack dab into it.  WHAP!  Ouch...

3. Testing, testing, 1...2...
Over the past few months, I've been working with Lifelong Adult Education Services to figure some "life" things out.  I've been taking a series of psychological and academic assessments so I can have official, documented information about me, my brain, my past, my present, guessed is, indeed, future.  Yesterday, Mark and I went to my results meeting.  More on this later.  Haven't received the official report yet, but from the therapist discussed with us in the meeting, some form of "anxiety disorder" label is likely to appear in the findings.  Again, will elaborate when I'm good and ready.  Right now I'm not exactly "good" OR "ready."  So stay tuned.

4. Here, kitty kitty kitty kitty
Some of you may already know about the cat attack that ensued a few years back.  If you read through the old posts, you might think that to this day, I despise cats, or at least fear them.  I'm happy to report that cats now hold a special place in my heart, thanks to Pie Pie and Cho Cho -- the two wonderful kitties that live with the girl who I nanny for.  I think it helps that for whatever reason, they love being around me, and love to snuggle with me.  Either way, I no longer think that ALL cats convene in an underground lair to plot the earth's demise. 

5. Denver marathon relay coming up in about a month -- not ready at all!

6.  Anxiously (shocker) waiting to hear about next steps in the interview process for a school that I have been pursuing.

7. Applied to be a mentor for a high school student.
Very excited about my mentor interview next week!  Check out Byrne Urban Scholars for info on the organization -- it's wonderful!

8. Excited about my upcoming Chicago trip over Mother's Day weekend!
Can't wait to attend Logan's Bar Mitzvah, and spend time with Pamela, Will, Logan and Eli.
Oh, and Michelle, Gretchen, Katy and Marilyn, too!   Not happy that my own mother will be out of town that weekend though...  :-(

9. I miss my family  :-(

10. Feeling awful that I have yet to "officially" thank Jess for taking Jill and I out to dinner and for drinks a while ago. 
Have had plans to do it, but they haven't come to fruition yet.  Blech.

11. SCHOOL.  Finishing.  Working.  Updating.  Committing.  Moving forward.
This one is last, because it's the MOST important, most complicated, and produces the most anxiety for me. 

My hands shook as I typed #11...and now I think I will go puke.

On that note, have a wonderful weekend!  Thanks for reading!


Kim said...

I get it, Speedy! Love from Chicago,

Chrissy said...

Ok...don't kill me...

Which Kim are you? Sorry...couldn't find your info, and want to make sure I know who you are.

Thanks a million...

Jess T said...

Girl, need to "officially" thank me - it was my pleasure and I had such a blast with you girls!

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