Sunday, April 22, 2007

My First Post!

This COULD be the beginning of a beautiful relationship...

A relationship between me and my keyboard. I say "could be," because I'm very hopeful that I can stick with this. I NEED to write. I need to. But I don't. I majored in Creative Writing, yet I don't write... So my new blog is a desperate attempt to get moving in a very informal way!

I'm "Denver's Tumbling Leaf" because I'm at a point in my life right now when I need to make some changes. If you know me and have seen my MySpace page, you'll see that recently I've been "Turning over a new leaf." I know I cliche! The complete and utter epitome of cliche. But I've come to learn that there's a reason why things become cliche...because they work so well that people can't help but use them.

The changes? Well, many. And they're probably all pretty cliche as well, but I guess it's all a part of being human. All part of trying to be a better person. So I'm trying to get up earlier. I'm trying to make it to work on time. To train for the Denver marathon (holy altitude, Batman! That's all I'm going to say...) To eat better and significantly reduce my calorie intake since I'm a stress eater (THANKS, MOM!) To be better to my friends. To be better to my dog. To be better to MYSELF.

So I'm tumbling. Not just turning over, but majorly flipping and flopping all over the place. Because I know myself, and I know that I will have many many slip-ups along the way...hence my little leaf turning and twisting again and again and again. And I also know that every day I can start over and turn my leaf as many times as I need to to be happy.

And cliche of me to move to Denver from Chicago and turn into a "leaf." Serioulsy Chicago people -- I PROMISE that I'm shaving my legs, showering, and steering clear of the reefer and magic mushrooms!

I hope you'll visit often and say hello. You will all help my little leaf to stay grounded!

Much love,

I'd like to thank my awesome friends Jill, Melanie and Jenn for motivating me to create this blog in the first place. I swear -- once I figure out how to link you onto my page, I will! :-)


Jessica said...

Hey Chrissy! I acidentally sent you an e-mail when I MEANT to make a comment...I'm so retarded. Anyhoo, YAY to you for doing this! Your passion for writing and general hilarious story telling will now be viewed by the masses! I look forward to reading more...

Jenn said...

You go girl!!! I promise to be a dedicated reader!!

J. Lee said...

Welcome to bloggy world! Congratulations on your first post :) I'm going to link you from my blog if that's okay?Wooo hoo! A new friend on blogspot! I can't wait for more of your wit and creative writing, you're so talented baby!

melanie said...

Hey Chrissy - You motivated me to finally get mine started again! I'm at ... In the process of making some changes still but the first post is up, which means it has begun! Looking forward to reading yours! (And I'm linking you on my page, too - if you don't mind)

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