Friday, May 21, 2010

Friday Fumblings, Vol. 5 - How you gonna kick it?

Gonna kick it ROOT DOWN!  For some fabulous Friday fun, watch this. It's getting me through my morning...

1. We're talking root down...I put my root down.   And if you want to battle're putting loot down...I said root down... it's time to scoot down. I'm a step up to the mic in my goose down!

These guys know what I'm talkin' bout!
 (Photo credit:

2. Great friend Marilyn from Chicago is in Denver today and tonight.  Looking forward to happy hour tonight!

Here's Marilyn and me, circa 2002-ish: (yup, those are pumpkins!)
 And here we are, attempting our version of the Funk Soul Brother dance:

In case you don't know about the Funk Soul Brother Dance, here it is:

3. In honor of Marilyn's visit, we're heading to happy hour tonight at a lovely little spot in Denver called, well, you guessed it...
(Image credit:
The restaurant / bar used to be an old car service station.  So cool!
(Image credit:

I'm off to clean the house and run errands.  How you gonna kick YOUR weekend?


Single Mom in the City said...

I'm gonna kick it at rootdown with you lovely ladies! See you later tonight ;)


kanishk said...
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