Sunday, June 24, 2012

Coined: Kardashiastache

As I was searching through some old DTL blog posts today, I came across a draft that I never finished (or posted) called "Coined: Kardashiastache."  It immediately brought a smile to my face, so I thought I'd finish it today.  Here it is, in all its blory (blog glory).  Enjoy!

Kardashiastache:  noun.  - facial hair on any member of the Kardiashain family.
One evening a few years ago, my best girlfriends and I were enjoying some wine and trashy reality television when, alas, kardashiastache was coined.  I can't remember exactly how or why, but I think I have the E! network to thank for the awesomeness that ensued that evening.

Ever since that night, I began to believe that we're smack dab in the middle of a "coining craze" - the process of making up words by smooshing two of them together to make one fantastical kitschy new word.  This linguistically radical fad truly gives me the giggles.  But is it a fad? Or is the murds (making up words) fun here to stay?

Entire websites like this one and that one have been dedicated to the coining movement, but who knows? Could K-Stew and R-Patz eventually go back to being called (gasp!) simply Kristen and Robert?

Since the fate of this vocabularvention (vocabulary invention) trend is unknown, I'd like to pay homage to a few of the clever murducts (murd products) that continue to leave me in stitches.

Brangelina has been around for quite some time.  
Menver as well. 
Tannorexia one of my personal faves.  
ambivilane the striped area by an exit ramp where people often pull off when trying to decide "Is this my exit?"
Fashole thanks, Joan Rivers! 

Finally, in sincere celebration of this frocess (fun process), and with the utmost respect and admiration of the murduct coiner Akiram Glockem,  I leave you with this...  


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