Thursday, May 20, 2010

Moral Development Cycle...An Explanation!

Oops...I failed to connect some information from my last post...

I mentioned that Logan helped me to think of the development of morality in a cyclical way

I then moved on to talk about modeling as a first step.

I forgot to "close the loop," in the cycle, however.
Picture this:

I view modeling (setting a good example), done by a teacher, parent, faith leader, mentor, etc., as the beginning of the cycle.  Morals are passed along, and eventually, the process begins again.   Just like Logan passed along his moral values (modeled by the boundaries set by his parents, rules at school, etc.) to me through his D'var Torah talk, and now I'm continuing the cycle through my reflections via this blog.  Morality and the idea of conscience will continue to develop, as I see it anyway, as we share our reflections. 

My ultimate hope, and a way to continue the cycle, is that Logan will continue to learn and grow through this process, perhaps by reflecting on how I perceived his Torah interpretation, or through what people share in the comments section of this post. 

Instead of a linear, cut and dry process of development, a cycle allows for reflection and interpretation

Hmmm...still wonder why naturally knowing the difference between right and wrong isn't so simple?


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