Monday, November 8, 2010

My Favorite Nephew

I have two nieces, on Mark's side.

But no nephews.

If I did have a nephew, however, he would be this kid, right here:

He's my best friend's son, who I absolutely adore.  (Technically, I adore both of them...)  He is my favorite seven-year old, and if you ever had the chance to meet him, I'm sure he'd be yours too.

Case in point:  When he was told that I would be babysitting for him this past weekend, he got so excited about hanging out with me, that he added this to his calendar so he wouldn't forget:

Talk about a confidence booster!  Thanks, buddy...

If there's anyone else out there who would like to pencil me in, please don't hesitate.

Hee hee...


1 comment:

Single Mom in the City said...

Awww...He's so lucky to have you as an auntie! You're always so patient with him, always let him be himself and be creative! Thanks for taking care of him this weekend and for giving me peace of mind knowing he was in good hands!

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