Tuesday, April 6, 2010

"To Rekindle, or not to rekindle?"

Cliche or not, that is still the question.

"I blog, therefore, I am." Cliche? Definitely. True? Not exactly.

I "am" and therefore "have been" the following: preoccupied, lost, found, wandering, exploring, breaking, bending, twisting, turning, tumbling, fumbling. And breeeeaaaaatttthhhhing. Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhh....

I realized that I choose to blog when I really NEED to. And I haven't felt the need to for almost 2 years now. I certainly WANT to all the time. Desperately and hopelessly. But wanting and needing are two entirely different...well, as quickly as I catch my breath, I bet you catch my drift.

I have decided to officially rekindle my relationship with the blogging world. For now. Not sure for how long. But I want to. Because I can. And frankly, I NEED to.

Why? Keep reading. Check back often to find out. Not because you need to. But hopefully, because you want to.

Reunited, and it feels fairly awkward...
On my path back to "so good,"


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