Sunday, July 11, 2010

The Top Ten Eds, Eddies and Edwards of All Time

I need a laugh.  And I know my family does right now, too.  This one's for you, Eddie  ;-) 

#10 - Ed Grimley

Wikipedia describes him as,"A hyperactive, neurotic nerd with a large frontal cowlick who is obsessed with banal pop culture, especially Wheel of Fortune and its host, Pat Sajak. He also loves to play the triangle, which for him consists of playing a recorded musical piece, striking the triangle once, and then wildly dancing to the recording."   How awesome is Ed Grimley?

#9 - Edward Scissorhands

Surely, self-explanatory.  His name is Edward, and he has scissors for hands.  Genius.

#8 - Ed McMahon

He never did show up at my door with a huge check from Publisher's Clearinghouse, but he's still pretty awesome in my book.

#7 - Eddie Van Halen

Oh yes... 
"I get up, and nothing gets me down.
I like to jump. and then go round and round
And I know, just how it feels.
You've got to roll with the punches to get to what's real..."

#6 - Eddie Vedder

The words to Yellow Ledbetter don't need to make sense...his hotness makes up for his mumbles!

#5 - Eddie Cibrian

Sans Leann Rimes, please.  WOW!  He's gorgeous.

#4 - 80's Eddie Murphy

Notice how I said "80's" Eddie Murphy.  I can do without 2000's Eddie Murphy. 

#3 - Edward Cullen

Well DUH!

#2 - Mr. Ed

Does he really need an explanation?  Coolest.  Horse.  Ever.

#1 - My Cousin Ed
LOVE YOU, ED!  Feel better soon...


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cscafide said...

Your creativity never ceases to overwhelm me. Great post!

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