Thursday, August 16, 2007


A few days this week have been pretty emotionally hard for me (see this post.) I kept it vague because nowadays I have no idea who is reading my blog, or who will in the future. But anyway, for years now I have most definitely felt "stuck" in regard to said vague situation. Perhaps someday I will elaborate.

Well, as new blogging friend Lisa very intelligently brought to my attention, I think I am beginning to unstick myself, simply by talking about being stuck. I don't think I'll ever be completely stick-free, but I'm working at it.

Mark has helped me come to terms with the sticky situation, and we had a fabulous chat a few nights ago and more and more I realize why I have chosen to spend the rest of my life with him! He's my one and only lifelong adhesive remover.

Anyway, I'm moving on for now, fully aware that being stuck is perfectly ok, and I'm not proving anything to anyone, even myself, by beating myself up over trying to unstick. And by realizing that, as Lisa mentioned, I just might be unsticking without even knowing it.


Lisa said...

Sorry to make it about me, but what a THRILL to see me linked on your blog! I actually clicked the link to see if it was really me because I didn't believe it!

I'm glad you feel that you are beginning to unstick yourself... now I'll say that be patient. It might take awhile... and it also might sneak up on you and one day you'll realize that you are unstuck and you didn't even know it was happening!!!

Kelli said...

Lisa is a very good advice giver, isn't she?

Having a lifelong adhesive remover that you love isn't such a bad thing either, huh?

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