Monday, August 27, 2007

I want it back!

Let it fly in the breeze
And get caught in the trees
Give a home to the fleas in my hair
A home for fleas
A hive for bees
A nest for birds
There ain't no words
For the beauty, the splendor, the wonder
Of my...

Hair, hair, hair, hair, hair, hair, hair
Flow it, show it
Long as God can grow it
My hair

I want it long, straight, curly, fuzzy
Snaggy, shaggy, ratty, matty
Oily, greasy, fleecy
Shining, gleaming, streaming
Flaxen, waxen
Knotted, polka-dotted
Twisted, beaded, braided
Powdered, flowered, and confettied
Bangled, tangled, spangled, and spaghettied!

Oh say can you see
My eyes if you can
Then my hair's too short...

I'm aware that patience is a virtue, but I want my long hair back NOW. The kicker -- I'm almost ready to stick my finger in a socket because my curls are gone now too. How the heck did that happen? They were natural...where the heck did they GO?

Ugh. (By the way, my friends have always said I have "anorrexia of the hair." Never happy with it, even when there's nothing wrong with it.) Regardless, I need six inches ASAP.



Kelli said...

Oh I LOVE your haircut. I know when all you want is long hair again that's probably NOT what you want to hear...but I think your cut looks awesome - totally sexy and hip.

I've been growing my hair w/ the intention to chop it for Locks of Love...and I am at the length where I could do it now....but I'm so nervous I'm going to want it all back like you do!

Meghan said...

I also think the cut is really cute! You have the hair I always wanted, that can go curly or straight. (Mine can't make up its mind and is stuck in some weird in-between stage).

How long ago did you get it cut? There's definitely an adjustment period following a drastic hair change.

Lisa said...

So, before I read the post I was thinking how I was going to comment that I LOVE your hair! I think it's fantastic!!!! GREAT style!
But I, too, hate my new haircut (she didn't listen to me AT ALL) and I desperately want my old style back. Ugh, the torture of waiting for hair to grow so it can be refashioned to something new! PAINFUL!

Kirsten said...

you are being way to hard on yourself, you look fantastic!

Tiffany said...

hey Chrissy! I was just cleaning out my bookmarks folder and found your blog. Long time no talk! We need to catch up (I'm sure you heard about my serious life change....)

Anyway, I think your hair is really cute! HOWEVER, if you are really missing your long hair I have the perfect solution! I'm pasting the link to Jessica Simpson's clip-in extensions. They are a lifesaver, super easy to put in and really do look realistic. I have a wavy one and a straight one and I get complimented on my hair ALL THE TIME. Anyway, they have them at ULTA so you should go check them out. You can order them online for a little cheaper than they sell them there but it's a good place to start if you want to try one on. Take Care!

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