Saturday, April 28, 2007

Two Twists and Twirls Forward, One Tumble Back

And so the tumbling begins...

I had a few not-so-good days last week, and in true Chrissy fashion, I've found myself less productive and in a deeper hole since beginning my leafy journey just one week ago.

In an attempt to eat lower calorie food and less of it, I became irritable, crabby and upset with myself when I'd slip up. And for the grand finale, I was blindsighted by a migraine at work on Wednesday (perhaps I was HUNGRY!), accidentally overdosed on Excedrin Migraine and lost an entire half of a day to a dark, quiet room . Eating less is now, inevitably, out of the question. I cancelled my USA Eat Fit membership and discontinued logging all of my meals. From now on, I'll just try to make better choices when it comes to food and that's that. Twisty, turny, tumbly, fumbly...

My laundry piled up and spilled out of my closet and into our bedroom when I specifically told myself that as soon as the laundry bin filled up, I'd do a load. I think it was on its way to attack me, but I can't quite be sure... Stupid leaf! Hmmph...

AND, due to my ever-worrisome financial situation, I was unable to give my friend Melanie a birthday present on time, or bring my "favorite things" to our "favorite things" party with the girls. I'm way behind in gifts and one of my bestest friends, Michelle, has a birthday coming up very soon and I worry I won't be able to give her the proper gift. Makes me sad, and mad at myself all at the same time :-(

Anyway, THESE are the reasons that I started this blog. Little things that turn into big things that have a fabulous way of getting the best of me. I'm holding myself accountable, and hopefully that by bitching about these slip-ups, I can motivate myself to quickly turn them all around.

And, in an attempt to end on a positive note, here's a few good things goin' on in my life:

1. I met two new girls -- Maggie and Michelle -- in my running group who run about the same pace as me. Hopefully they will be my new running partners and friends! Maggie's husband's name is Tucker, so they've just GOT to be cool! :-)

2. I'm really starting to love my new friend Jill. She is very motivating, and we are alike in many ways. I'm excited about our new friendship, because I feel that we can really learn alot about each other!

3. My totally awesome friend in Chicago, Michelle, has many happy things going on in her life, and in turn, that makes ME super happy. I miss her like the dickens, but I'm so very happy for my lovely friend.

4. My preschoolers ALL poured their own juice out of little pitchers today for the first time ever in our class. One of them said, "WOW Miss Chwissy! This is REALLY fun!" Makes me smile...

Well, it's a new week. My day went pretty well at work and tonight I'll be plugging away at many of the little things that have been piling up for weeks. A new start, a new turn, for my new important journey.


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J. Lee said...

Oh Miss Chwissy, we ARE a lot alike, I've had those weeks too...and I know THAT position of really feeling like you're doing the right why isn't everything WORKING? All I can say is...I've become master of "letting go." Moving into the next week and letting go of the last...because if I held on to all the things wrong I did the week before, I'd never get anywhere. And sometimes when all those things are happening...I like to think it's life around me telling me to slow down...not to attack all my obstacles at once...but do it one at a time. And some things, like the Migraine are out of your control! (I know how you felt that night...I get them too and ended up having on Saturday night!)

We love you no matter which way you tumble and there are bound to be weeks like this...but you're on the right track and I'm learning from you! We'll climb one "mountain" (of laundry) at a time, huh?!?!

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