Monday, April 30, 2007

My Happy Friend Jess

I have a Happy Friend named Jess. She loves people. She loves animals. She loves mac and cheese like nobody's business.

My Happy Friend Jess is a lover of life.

She'll talk your ear off about happy things and if you happen to be sad, she'll do her best to make you feel happy too.

My Happy Friend Jess happens to be sad right now, and if I could send her a package full of friendly people, cuddly animals, yummy mac and cheese and lovely life, I would.

I would, because she's my Happy Friend Jess. And that's the most important reason there is.


J. Lee said...

Perhaps some time....when we all can pitch in a little we can do this. You know what I would send her? ... STICKERS!!!! he favorite... I'd even try to find ladybug stickers...

Jessica said...

Awwww...this is too precious, Chrissy! Oh, and I hope I didn't ruin some surprise for Jill...I do so love stickers! ;) Thank you for calling me happy (for the most part)'s what I most strive to be!

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