Tuesday, April 24, 2007

Boob Tube Blasphemy

Sanjaya WHO? Dr. Mc HUH? America's Next Top WHAT?

Approximately 8 months ago, I was the type of girl who could answer questions of the like at the drop of a hat. Previously, you would have thunk that I was an actual member of the graduating class in Laguna Beach. And also, simultaneously, a Harbor High School student in Newport, CA(thanks for the memories, Mischa Barton!) I could rattle off the top 10 videos on not only Mtv, but Vh1 as well. And best of all, I could tell you the exact number of votes that came between Ms. McPhee and Mr. Hicks.

As fate would have it, not no mo.

And I'm finally at a point in my life when that's a fabulous thing! I'm out exploring new things in Denver, exercising, and best of all, spending some major quality time with my friends. Granted, I wouldn't miss an episode of Prison Break, Entourage or Sopranos. But I simply find solice in the fact that I failed to miss every episode of J Lo's dance show on Mtv...

What was that show called again? :-)


J. Lee said...

Chrissy, I'm the same way. I even cut back on the cable and find we don't much miss it...except for the occassional Law & Order! Congrats on the new way of life...come to think of it, I missed Dance Life too!

Jenn said...

A Dancer's Life...I was Tivoing it but it hasn't been on lately. The only good thing was the actually dancing everything else sucked.

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