Monday, July 11, 2011

Picture This...

Well, I'm no longer on Facebook.

I am, however, still addicted to photography!

Would love for you to check out my Picasa site here.

If you like what you see, become one of my "followers" on Picasa so you'll know when I add new photos. 
Here's a sneak preview of some of my photos that you'll find there:

 One of my favorite girls!

 and my favorite boys!

 Strollin' in Denver, CO

 Puppies in Lakewood, CO

 Denver's City Park

 Mumford and Sons concert, The Fillmore, Denver, CO

 Mumford and Sons Concert, The Fillmore, Denver, CO

 Lake Powell

 My husband Mark, camping in Mesa Verde National Park

 Four Corners 

 Hiking Arches, Moab, UT

 Our dinner table at a restaurant in Moab, UT

 Tour de Fat, City Park, Denver, CO

Pearl Street Mall, Boulder, CO 
Thanks for your support!



Jess, Garret & Maddie said...

So beautiful, Chrissy! I want to buy one of your pieces :) seriously, I miss Denver so much, I want a couple prints. How can this happen??

Chrissy Richter said...

This can happen for free, silly girl! I'll send You some. Just email me your address. If there's anything in Denver you want me to take pictures of, let me know and I'll venture out and do it. I like the motivation and the inspiration!

Jason Groessel said...

Facebook is so 2010. Great pictures, Chrissy! I hope all is well...

Jess, Garret & Maddie said...

Ok, Wash Park (duh), Mountains (I'm not picky...:). I would love it!! Will email you my address! YAY! So excited!

Peggy Eastmond Perona said...

Chrissy! I want to buy some of your art, too! You are soooooo talented, my dear!! I miss you on FB, though. :( I'm sure you had your reasons. I always enjoyed your posts and felt like I could keep up with you that way. I'll make sure to keep checking back to this wonderful blog every so often, though. I really should get on Twitter. I mean I'm on there, but I never time. xo! Peggy

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