Friday, March 25, 2011

Dearest Thingportants and Friday Fumblings

Dear Thingportants and Friday Fumblings,

I had high hopes for you a while back.  As usual, I created you with the highest of expectations.  Ah well.  Twisty, turny, tumbly, fumbly...

Although it's been quite a while since the dawn of Friday Fumblings, I'm in the mood to move forward.  So here's some of my new thingportants, in the "dearest" way possible.


Dear Star Jones,

Get over yourself.

Dear Adobo Seasoning,
You give my cooking a little something extra every time.

Dear i-pod,

Where are you?

Dear Hair,
I think you're a little too light.  Time for some lower lights.

Dear Tucker,

It's just wind, buddy.  No need to tear up our NEW bedding.

Dear Mark,
Thanks for discovering adobo seasoning!

Dear Brayden,
Happy 1st Birthday, buddy!

Dear All My Children,

You make noon so, so, so worth it!

Dear Chamomile Tea,

Thanks for your natural calming properties.

Dear Skin,
Please, please, please stop breaking out.

Dear Real Simple Magazine,

You DO make life real simple!

Dear Camera,
Where are you?

Dear Backyard,

Don't worry!  We'll spruce you up with flowers and plants very soon.

Dear Heart,
Please stop racing.

Dear Body,
Heads up.  Many runs and hikes, including 14-ers, headed your way!

Dear Jess and Jill,

You are my sisters from other mothers. (Sounds better with "brother...")

Dear ADHD,
Never mind.  I can't remember.

Dear Sense of Humor,

Dear Android Evo,
You're welcome for the new, bigger battery.

Dear Mark,
Thank you...  You know why.

Dear Holland,

Lucas and I miss you today!  Hope you're having a blast in the mountains with your family.

Dear Lucas,

I hope your 7-month-old shots aren't too traumatizing...

Dear Denver,

Thank you for the sunshine!

Dear Chicago,

My heart aches for you...

Dear Timing and Circumstances,
You are certainly peas in a most realistic pod.

Dear Family,

I wish you were closer.

Dear F,



Maayan said...

i thoroughly enjoyed this post, chrissy! do more of these. ;) m.

Chrissy said...

Thanks so much for reading, sweetie! I'll definitely do more... Hope you're well ;-)

Mark said...

You're welcome, and thank you, for everything. The iPod is now back. If I was Chrissy's camera, where would I be?

Jess, Garret & Maddie said...

I LOVE THIS IDEA!! I wanna "dear stuff" blog!! I could go on for days!! "DEAR CHRISSY, YOU'RE AWESOME..." :) XO

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