Monday, November 26, 2007

It shouldn't bother me...

They're 4. I get that. They don't understand what they're saying, and it's my job to correct them.

But seriously...

Picture three of them singsongingly, "Miss Pissy, Miss Pissy, Miss Pissy, Miss Pissy!" first thing this morning.

And after nap time, I caught two others singing, "Miss Chrissy is stupid, Miss Chrissy is stupid!"

I almost cried! I know, I know I know... Obviously I was being a little emotional. I'm kind of, sort of, laughing it off right now. It just gets a little tough when the kids make fun of you, even if they are only 4 :-)

Brushing it off now...
Pissy and stupid,


Lisa said...

Aww man, if you heard some of the things my THIRD graders said... never about me or they'd seriously get it, but they say stuff that is so mean! Today I heard some of them saying "I'm going to make it retarded!" Yeah.

Mommy2JL said...

It would have bothered me too.
If that helps at all... lol
My feelings are easily hurt.

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