Wednesday, November 21, 2007


As my 4-year-olds would say (and have been saying all day today...), tomorrow is "Fanksgibeen!"

And in the spirit of Fanksgibeen, I'll act in a completely cliche way and list many things that I'm "fankfuw" for. I know...completely unoriginal, but important, nonetheless. Here goes:

I'm fankfuw for:

1. Mark

2. Four days OFF! No kids (that aren't family...), no Ulta, no nuttin!

3. The snow that fell today. It made my dog Tucker so happy! He pranced in it at 6:00 this morning like you wouldn't believe...

4. My family's recent visit

5. My family's recent departure (ha ha!)

6. Not having to cook this year (although if I had the time, I would have love too...)

7. E-mail, Web sites and blogs. Without them, I'd be lost...

8. Dr. Lisa

9. My CL girls!

10. My mango salsa that everyone at worked loved!

11. My friend Misty -- can't wait to see her at her baby shower!

12. Michelle, Gretchen, Marilyn, Pamela -- my Chicago connection

13. Sunny Denver days

14. Spironolactone

15. Digital cameras

16. Co-teachers

17. Aunt Mary and Aunt Barb

18. Tuckie

19. The Food Network

20. Naps

21. Coffee

22. Live music

23. The biggest bar night of the year (tonight!)

24. Airplanes

25. Children

Ok, that's good for now. I'm thankful for my readers of this blog!

Much love and joy to you,


Lisa said...

I just wrote this same post... cliche or not it's still a good one!
I don't know what this is:
14. Spironolactone

Happy Thanksgiving!

Kelli said...

Happy belated Thanksgiving to you!

I loved your list.

Anonymous said...

Hey C - I'm thankful for you was really good to see you and Mark on Sunday. I'm eager to hear more about your life right now. Miss you.

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