Sunday, July 22, 2007

One Happy Hike

Can't you tell? :-)


Lisa said...

It DOES look like fun! I love hiking but my husband isn't such a fan so we don't often go!

My degree is going to be in administration. I don't actually see myself doing that for many more years, but everyone tells me that I should get the degree before I have children, so that's what I'm doing. Although, I must admit, I'm kinda hoping for kids before I finish the degree---which is crazy I know! :)
We'll have to share our miseries about going back to school--it's been almost eight years for me since I was a student and I'm a little nervous!

Lil' 'ol Me said...

I did my first Denver hike this weekend. It wasn't to extreme, pretty basic plus and we (Jill & I) had the kiddos. But at least now I could say I've done one.Woo-hoo. I wish I took pictures...bummer.

true nature said...

yes, it looks like it was satisfying, :)

Kelli said...

I've been kind of a lucker on your site, but wanted to finally delurk and say hi.
I love the photo by the way!

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