Thursday, July 5, 2007

3 Word Blog

Feel kinda sick. Definitely stressed out. Fourth of July. It was fun. Middle of week? Not so great. Tucker hates fireworks. Minnesota this weekend. Too much traveling. Interviewed for retail. Part time job. Money is tight. Hear back tomorrow. Out of shape. Quit marathon training. Depressed and sad. Back to flabby. Need to get. Ass in gear. When there's time.

Altitude sickness today. Up in mountains. Fieldtrip with kids. Almost threw up. At Tiny Town. Look it up. Yes, Tiny Town. Rode the train. Was tiny too. Back in Denver. Felt much better.

Off to sleep. Fieldtrip tomorrow too. Field trip correct? Or one word? English major Chrissy. Doesn't really care.

Have great weekend! Back next week.

Christine Jo Scafide

1 comment:

Lisa said...

I think it's field trip. But I totally loved this post! Sadly, it's kinda the way I think! ;)

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