Wednesday, May 9, 2007

My Savvy Friend Jill

Not to be confused with My Happy Friend Jess, My Savvy Friend Jill volunteered to write a little bitty 'bout me on her blog (in order for me to gain some interesting blogging-type readers, since I have, like, 4, and they're all my good friends) so I thought it would only be polite of me to do a little ditty about her in exchange.

Well, she's My Savvy Friend Jill. And for many reasons. But in this specific instance, she's introducing me to the exhilerating world that is, indeed, blogging -- one in which she is not only most certainly famiiar with, but in my opinion, very skilled.
So now, if I claimed to be at all blogger-savvy (which I don't) I would have inserted a colored underlined linky-thingy in the paragraph above for Jill's name, so you could simply click on it and POOF! be magically transported to Single Mom in the City, her neato schmoomeeto (sound it out....yep...SCHHHH MOOOOO MEEET OOOOO), content rich blog.
(I hope to schmoomeeto you soon as well, if I haven't already!) Yeah yeah...what can I say, I'm a preschool teacher! I have given into the ridiculous habit of making up words.

Anyway, she's pretty, she's smart, she's cool, and she's My Savvy Friend Jill.
And here she is with me (Don't kill me's the only pic that I have of just the 2 of us! Just so ya'll know...we're a little tipsy and sweaty, respectively):

So, many thanks to My Savvy Friend Jill! And i you're reading this and you decide to become my new blogging friend, one day I may write a super duper special blog about you.

And I'll promise never to use the word schmoomeeto to describe you.

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Lil' 'ol Me said...

Thanks to Savy Jill I too became a blogger. Thanks Savy Jill for bringing us into your internet junkie world.

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